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Please Pray For Us

We are in ongoing negotiations for the release of the three widows, three young boys and ten young girls. The “brave” captors and their spiritual leader agreed to a reduction in price, split payments and no torture or molestation. Now they have regressed to the original price, some $8,000 higher and will not release the boys […]

Back to the Future

Prayer Time: 40 Days of Prayer

Each member adult and teen will want their own copy of PRAYER TIME: 40 Days of Outlined Devotions to fully participate. We will be selling them at church for the wholesale price of just $5. It’s so important that you have your own copy to write in that we would rather give you one, if you can’t […]


ESCAPING BONDAGE: From LAW to LIBERTY to LOVE is scheduled to be available for purchase on our website Sunday (3/9/14). You will be able to learn the book of Galatians in 40 days. But more than that, you will be able to truly understand how the Jewish law relates to us Gentile Christians AND what […]