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Urgent News : Final Frontiers (Help if you can.)

Recently it seems that everyone, everywhere is telling me about the stories they have seen in the news regarding the crucifixions, beheadings, etc. of people in the Middle East; including small children and babies. I have been writing to you about all this (and much more, such as cannibalism) for years. I know that some […]

Aug 31st- This Week’s Lesson

Softball Team Schedule: East Coast Crushers

Special House of Delegates Election Today (90th District)

This Sunday’s Lesson- Aug 24th

Daniel Plan Meeting Aug 24th

Final Frontiers Summer Up-date

It’s been a while since you’ve heard from me so it’s time for a … DEBRIEFING We send out so many alerts that we fear we may overload you with needs and prayer requests. Each summer, while I am in Honduras, we try not to send out such news, just to give you a break. […]

Big Deal Series


Big Deal Church News

If Jesus says, “This is a Big Deal to me and it should be a Big Deal for all my children,” how would you respond?  As followers of Jesus Christ, aren’t you a little curious?   What if all of our bad decisions, mistakes, or unfaithfulness could be remedied  by getting a clearly picture of one simple truth?  Would you be interested?  If […]