Oct 5th- Everyone Needs to Be Here!

Develope New Friendships: Get Connected!

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Avoiding Another Crash- Sept 21

Good job!

Yesterday’s Service was fantastic.  The Lord is definitely blessing our efforts of giving out our Gospel Pamphlets.  We had several Adult guests yesterday as a result in your Boldness to encourage and invite people to be here.  Thanks for your faithfulness.  Your participation is making a difference.  Have a great week and continue to encourage your […]

Sept 14- Stewards of the Best Life

Share Your Good News

Don’t Miss Sunday Sept 7th-

Urgent News : Final Frontiers (Help if you can.)

Recently it seems that everyone, everywhere is telling me about the stories they have seen in the news regarding the crucifixions, beheadings, etc. of people in the Middle East; including small children and babies. I have been writing to you about all this (and much more, such as cannibalism) for years. I know that some […]

Aug 31st- This Week’s Lesson