Connecting Others to the story of Jesus Sermon Series

        Mar 11, 2018 “Sharing Jesus”   Mar 4,2018 “Baby Boot camp” Feb 25, 2018 “Bum in the Temple”

Richest People in History Sermon Series

      Feb 18, 2018 “Kingdom of God”   Feb 11, 2018 “Virus Outbreak”   Feb 4, 2018 Middle-class Handcuffs Are You Willing To Learn?  Jan 28, 2018 Richest People In History  Jan 21, 2018   Best Leaders Jan 14, 2018

Christmas Hope sermon series

      Reward From God  Dec 31, 2017 Jesus Came For The Powerless Dec 17, 2017       Peace On Earth Dec 10 2017 “Uncertain Times” Dec 3, 2017

Grace is still Amazing Sermon Series

          Unwanted Grace (Nov 5, 2017)     Help! I’ve Fallen and I can’t get up!  (Nov 19, 2017)   GOD IS UNFAIR (Nov 26, 2017)  

Eternity Sermon Series

The Good Shepherd Sermon Series

Play Nice With God Sermon Series

Jesus Interupting Prayer With Intimacy Series

Strange Fire Sermon Series

A Soul Man Coming Home Sermon Series