More is NOT Better (8)

8. It redefines a complete Christian leader.

In 2 Timothy 3:16-17 God says that using “scripture” will make “the man of God…perfect” (that is complete)…and will make him “throughly furnished unto all good works.”

If the word of God is enough to make a pastor complete then why do so many feel the need to add rules and ideas to it in order to be or preach good Christian living? If it contains all I need to do all that God placed me here to do, “furnished unto all good works,” why do some feel the need to do more and even teach others to do more than it says to fulfill their purpose in this life?

Man cannot and should not try to define a complete Christian. That alone is God’s job. By adding to God’s word we redefine what makes someone a well-rounded, complete Christian and create a Christian target goal that is wrong in God’s eyes.

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