A Final Brief Update

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We have received word that as of Thursday morning our time, thirteen of the captives were processed, released and back with their families.

The remaining captives were released early this morning our time and are already in their homes rejoicing with their families.

We so greatly appreciate all you did to help with this critical need.  We regret that eighteen lost their lives so brutally but we know that they are now with the Lord.


As for Pastor Isaac; after notifying you that his need was met, the next morning we received this short email from him. I thought you would be blessed by it. I’ll print it just as he wrote it. I think you’ll understand his English.

dears Jon Nelms and all the final frontier’s family; once again I say THANKS for all efforts made for us, especially for my dad’s burial.

two of my sisters got saved, they could not beleive at all that God that we serve, beleive and hope in, will do what hapenned. I told them that; He is able to do more than this to the level of bringing your souls unto eternity with Him, that is the great HOPE that we have in Him.

When you gave to help this preacher bury his dad, you thought you were just burying the dead. God used you to bring life to those spiritually dead as well. Imagine the joy his father had looking down from Heaven and seeing his two grown daughters coming to Christ at his funeral. One funeral – two births (spiritually) at the same ceremony. God is so good!

Jon Nelms

Final Frontiers Foundation
1200 Peactree Street
Louisville Georgia 30434
United States