Africa Missions Update


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We have two small requests that have come to us from Africa in the past week.
The first is from Marcel Isaac Saidi in the Democratic Republic of the Congo who wrote:

“As you all know, two months ago, we had lost two of my young sisters who died both in one day. in few days my father was court up by heart attack, yes he used to suffer with it, probably with other health conditions. we took him at the hospital, unfortunately thinks could not work out well as were expected. today 9th Jan 2014 at 3h:AM he gave up his soul. we had done what we could, though were limited financially, yes we prayed to God, but at last my father Kayumba Joseph has gone home and left us 3 children. ( I, self male and two of my sisters). please if possible, help me to bury my father. the cost arose to $450.”

 Those of us, even as adults, who have lost our parents know the grief that accompanies it. In this case this young man, a great preacher and leader has in two months lost two sisters and his father. I thought we would send this out in case any of you wanted to give to help his bear the burden of a third funeral in less than sixty days.

The second request comes from Lucas Ulo in Nigeria. He wrote:

“I have an URGENT Problem. It is about my son Lucas Jnr. He is hospitalized in the University where he is schooling. They sent me a Message that they urgently need $500 for surgery on him to get out the hernia on him. I do not have that amount and so urgently too. Please your prayer  and assistance is greatly needed.”

The photo is of Lucas and his wife with their son at his high school graduation several years ago.

If you are able to help with either need then please click here to be taken to our payment processor’s site to make a donation (, or click here to go our website and enter your information there with who you would like to donate to in the ‘Other’ box. Thank you and God bless!


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