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I promised you a more detailed update on the mother, daughter and three men in Syria who were captured and released by your sacrificial giving. I have delayed a bit in order to give time to get more detailed and accurate information. As you can imagine, with Syria being in a civil war for the past two years, it is not easy to get specific information rapidly. Conversations are made in code on the telephone when contacts can safely get to a telephone and with the absence of a large percentage of medical personnel and supplies, we often find that we must “hurry up and wait” for news to share with you.

We had informed you last weekend that we actually received more than was necessary for their release so we immediately put the balance towards medical care, expecting to have enough. In light of the severity of the beatings we have since learned that more funding is needed for their medications and treatment.

This morning I received the following update. I do want to be a faithful messenger for you but at the same time I must submit the information in a way that does not “offend” any of the readers. Having thousands of readers, each with a different scale of want is acceptable to state and what is not, I often find myself in the line of fire when trying to inform those who want to know more, while crossing over the line for those who desire the news to be tempered to their own acceptable level of acceptability. Thus, I try to write each update and news report accepting the premise that some will want more facts while others will feel I have gone overboard with unnecessary facts. Let me say to both, forgive me. And in light of that understanding, those who do not want to know the full details, (though I really will not be nor ever do give them in their totality) may not want to read beyond this point.


The three men:

While captured, we have now learned that the three men were given tainted water to drink. Not poisoned as you may expect by chemicals, but tainted by bacteria and parasites. This has created infections in their digestive systems resulting in severe diarrhea. Two of the men are now bleeding internally.  All three still suffer from the beatings they received over their entire bodies. And I want to emphasize the word “entire” hoping you will understand the emphasis.

As they did before their release, all three have asked for their needs to be ignored so that we can give our full attention to George’s wife and his daughter Kathryn. We will honor their request but pray that we can receive enough for their needs as well.


The mother, Leena:

Leena still suffers from the extreme beatings she received. As far as we know she was not sexually abused though it will not surprise me if in the future we find that is not the case. It would be common that she would attempt to hide this type of abuse from her husband for fear of him feeling the shame of having not been able to protect his wife. Many men would commit suicide over such a shame (in their culture). What we do know is that she was beaten to the point that the skin began to die and peel off her body. Many of her wounds are still open after being released for almost two weeks. There are few doctors and medical specialists in Syria as most have either died or escaped the war by fleeing into Turkey or Jordan. Due to political sanctions, medical supplies are also scarce. Syria right now is in a mess to say the least. We need to hunt and find the proper medicine for her but more than that, we need more funding to purchase it.


The daughter, Kathryn:

Kathryn is still suffering emotionally and cannot sleep through the night without being tormented by her dreams and memories. During the day she will not leave the house except to go to the doctor and they have found that they cannot leave her alone at any time.

Physically, she has many open wounds like her mother and some of these have become infected due to the unsanitary conditions in which she was kept. Though she is having the same skin problems as her mother, unfortunately some of her wounds are in and around her private parts due to the torture and prolonged rape sessions by many men, some of who actually sodomized her repeatedly.

The purpose of the sodomy was to torment her, humiliate and shame her father/family into committing suicide and to enlarge her cavity so that more explosives can be placed inside of her. (You will recall that they kidnapped them not for ransom but to use as human bombs, much like the one that occurred today at the Iranian Embassy in Beirut, Lebanon, killing at least 23 and wounding 146.) It is for this reason that many male captives are also sodomized. Believe it or not, this has actually been sanctioned by some of the Muslim clerics as not being a sin if it is done for the above stated reasons.



George and Leena do not know the severity of their daughter’s torture and rape. She has kept the news from them so as not to burden them emotionally and psychologically. This is a heavy burden for a seventeen year old girl to bear. Fortunately the leading pastor’s wife is her sounding board with whom she can share all her burdens openly and without the fear and shame of her parents learning. Although we first knew only about the dead, peeling skin and wounds, only in the past few days has enough light been shed to expose the depravity of the captors and the wounds these five now suffer.


Explanation of costs:

As I stated, we have already begun their medical treatment with the surplus you gave. This was what we hoped would be sufficient but it has proven not to be. As more days have passed by, unseen infections have been dramatically brought to our attention. Due to the fighting we do not know of a single medication factory that is now open and operating in Syria; so all medications must be smuggled in from other countries. And with the scale of medications needed for tens of thousands of wounded, whatever medicine we can find is obviously purchased at a premium. The good news is that we can get the medicine and if necessary, we can bring in a doctor from another country, as we often do for security reasons. The only difficulty is not in finding the medicine or in transporting the medicine, it is in purchasing it. We honestly cannot make an educated estimate of the need at this moment but I do feel it will be a minimum of $4,000.  If time passes and infections spread and root themselves, the cost will be much greater. If you can help now, we will be greatly appreciative. (Click here to donate through our payment processor, or go to our website and donate on our giving page. You can also mail in a check and designate it for “Medical Needs”)

Jon Nelms
PS           We have also learned that sixteen of the men, including four of the five leaders, who captured and tormented these five, were killed last week in a gun fight with Syrian government soldiers. They have only begun to reap what they have sown.
Below is a photo (doctored for security reasons) of George and his family, sent to us earlier this year.


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