Final Frontiers Summer Up-date

It’s been a while since you’ve heard from me so it’s time for a …
We send out so many alerts that we fear we may overload you with needs and prayer requests. Each summer, while I am in Honduras, we try not to send out such news, just to give you a break. Well, summer is over so thought I would give you a short and unspecified debriefing of what occurred that we didn’t tell you about.

We smuggled 4,000 Bibles into one country to reach a Jewish community in this Islamic nation. These families have been in this land from 1800 to 3000 years. We have planted several churches among them and have two Jewish pastors whom we call David and Moses (David who is need additional support and Moses who has yet to get support at $50 per month). They are being persecuted now; not only by the Muslims but also by strict Jews, just as Paul was. The first of these churches is weekly averaging up to 28 adults. For those of you who want to support ministries to the Jews, here’s your chance to do so in a land where the Jews are still persecuted and persecuting the preachers of the Gospel.
We need $1200 monthly to pay rent for the two house churches they are using.

We smuggled 1,500 Bibles into two other Islamic countries.
We had arranged to have meetings in one location but decided at the last minute to make a change. To God be the glory. That building was demolished by a hidden time-bomb that was prepared for our church meeting.

In a certain North Africa country one of our preachers was targeted for kidnapping. When the event occurred, his Timothy, whom he has been training for five years, interfered with the capture allowing him to escape. The Timothy was shot twice as he tried to flee and died. He was the first Believer there, had just finished his training and was ready to go out and start his own churches.
In another North African country the Lord added 17 adult Believers to His church who were all baptized secretly.
In another country, one of the most restricted in the region, the Lord added 26 more new adult Believers to His church.
In yet another country, one of our preachers was twice kidnapped and twice released without torture and without us having to raise funds from American Believers. Our contacts on site and the Believers there were able to secure his release.

One of our church members in Syria was trying to escape to Turkey with his family, fleeing ISIS. They were captured a half mile from the border, literally in site of the crossing. The husband, wife and all five children were beheaded.
We have long had a church near Strait Street in Damascus. For several years it has been moving from place to place. One family was able to sell their house and buy passage to Italy where they would be legally accepted and provided with a job. After boarding the boat and setting out to deeper water, for some reason the boat sank. The father watched as his wife and children were all drowned. He was later rescued after being in the water for six hours and taken to Turkey. He gave up everything to save his family, then he lost them too. He is now in a refugee camp in Turkey.
We have had three preachers among the Kurds who have been working on a Bible translation that will be more faithful to the text. Two days ago all three disappeared. Finally we have made contact with one but have had no success in finding the others. As far as we know, the translation work, which was 60% complete, was destroyed.

The work continues to grow and the needs grow right along with it; just like a growing child. If they are healthy they grow, and as they do they have needs that have to be met over and over again, like clothes and shoes. So is the work of God. Eventually it can provide for itself but not during the growing years. We need your help to strengthen and maintain these congregations scattered all over the Islamic world. Some would ask, “Is there never an end to this?” I find it strange that we don’t mind asking offerings for our churches three times a week, every week. Is there no end to it? Of course not, as there are always needs. And if a missions organization is functioning properly, it will always be birthing new churches and new preachers who will need help for some time. Personally, I don’t see helping as a duty or obligation but as an opportunity to help my brothers in need and feed the servants and sons of God and spread His glory. If you feel the same as I do, please know that right now, we need to meet some immediate needs for which we can certainly use your help.
To help with any of these needs, please click here or mail in a check with a note of how you would like it to be applied (Smugglers Middle East, National Pastor Support for David/Moses, House Church Rental and/or Middle East Needs)
Jon Nelms

President/Founder, Final Frontiers Foundation