Islamic Region Missions Update

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Word, just received from a certain Gulf State has informed us that one of our preachers who was captured just two days ago has already been released. This was made possible by our Lord’s grace and the highly placed contacts we have made over the years. This brother endured no torture and was released with no political or criminal marks on his record. Just as if it had never happened.
Why can’t this be the case every time?

Well, each case is unique plus we are involved in most every Islamic country. Some ruled by governments, some by militias and some by terrorist groups that even fight each other. You have to know who you are dealing with and what they want. In this case, as in many that you never hear or read about, our contacts made the arrangements without having to pay a ransom. How? One thing we do when we negotiate a release is to ensure that person will be exempt from future arrest. If they are inadvertently arrested or detained by one branch of a government, once the arrest is revealed, calls are made and the principle actors from previous negotiations are held to the agreement.

Keep in mind that we don’t inform you of every situation, just those that your help is needed with. But in every case, we need your ongoing prayers. And just as this brother, his family and churches will be celebrating Christmas and his release, we hope you too, with all those whom you love, will also joyously celebrate our Lord’s birthday. After all, He came to ransom us and made the arrangement that once released, we could never be imprisoned again. And when He did so, he removed all marks of sin from our record.  The marks are removed, the ransom is paid and there is therefore now no (more) condemnation.

Merry Christmas!

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