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It has been several weeks since we requested help for the medical needs of the mother and daughter who were kidnapped, abused and tortured in Syria. We made their needs known and you responded in a magnificent way. We had already informed you that they were released and being cared for but I wanted to give you a brief update.

We sent one of our men to the region to investigate their situation as well as many others and he has now returned. Here are the highlights of his debriefing:



The daughter has fully recovered from the surgery and is doing well, but emotionally she is still in the healing process. The mother too is struggling emotionally. In our country there is a certain amount of shame that victims of such crimes endure but in other lands, that shame is magnified due to their culture. They both need our continual prayers.

The three men have all undergone surgeries for their wounds and at this point it looks as if no other medical needs will be required. Praise God for their testimony and for yours who came to their rescue.



While this has been a highly difficult country to work in, spiritually speaking, the tree that was planted less than ten years ago has now grown into an orchard. There is fruit everywhere you look. About a month ago something occurred that we did not tell you about, after all, you may be helping us by carrying our burden, but who is going to carry yours?

We learned that 25 of our men, including six young pastors in training, had been arrested. Three had already died due to the capture. You see, these men are not being held for torture and interrogation, they are being held to harvest body parts. In Iran, a kidney can bring as much as $3,500, not to mention all the other harvestable parts. So already three men had been fully harvested and their bodies discarded.

Currently we are in the process of gaining their release but this one will only come by prayer and fasting.

As our men met face to face with the captors they bragged that they would wipe our Christianity and our group in particular. He then told them, “You have 25 of our men, but just last Sunday I baptized 34 more. You will never exterminate us.”

That’s right, 34 adult converts baptized under the threat of death but obedient and courageous in spite of all threats. Pray for the believers in Iran and for wisdom for us as we seek to gain the release of those who are still in bonds.



While in the region our man heard the rumblings of discontent coming from Tunisia so he went to meet with the Church there. They had heard of all we were doing in the Middle East and had grown jealous that we were not providing for them in the same manner. (Yes, it sounds much like the conflict regarding the Hellenistic Jews in the Book of Acts.) He loving shared with them the difference in the situation between the two areas and informed them of the magnitude of suffering their Brothers and Sisters are enduring for the sake of the Name. Upon learning the details, they recanted their jealousy and expressed a desire to do whatever they can do to help. He left them encourage, energized and preparing if need be, to endure the same level of persecution faithfully.


Prayer Request:

This year we have taken thousands upon thousands of New Testaments in the Islamic world.  This and the witness of our people is the catalyst for the thousands of converts we have there now. We do not want to stop this inundation of God’s Word so we are asking those interested, to help us with a donation to continue our Smugglers work.

An Arabic or Farsi New Testament can be purchased and delivered for a mere $5 per copy. So, a $60 donation would mean that on average, you will be printing and sending one New Testament a month for the year 2014 into Muslim territory, without having to leave the comfort and security of our country or even your own home. What an opportunity!

Jon Nelms

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