Multiple Updates from our Mission Partner


Final FrontiersThank you all so much for your encouragement and help for these preachers and church members in need. I want to quickly give you an update so you will know where we stand.
Democratic Republic of the Congo …
Pastor Marcel Saidi needed funds to help bury his father. He needed $450. You met that need.Nigeria …
Pastor Lucas Ulo needed $500 for surgery for his son. You met that need.

Middle East …
The young people captured near Afghanistan needed $12,500 to secure their release. That need has not yet been fully met. We are short only about $1,150. Fortunately we were told that if we paid half the amount they would release the captives. We have already sent that amount and it arrived “in country” today (as of 1:45 PM ). Now it will clear the bank and be delivered. We spoke to the captors and they have begun processing the releases. Most will be released tomorrow and the rest on Saturday.

Please, if you have a little left and can help wipe out the final $1,150.00 needed; it will be most appreciated.

Now for the past nearly two weeks, things have quietened down. We have secured numerous new “safe houses” that have played an important roll in this new-found peace. Pray that they go undiscovered so our people have a place to meet, worship and hide when necessary.

Also, in the next week we will have two shipments of 1,500 New Testaments each, going to two different countries in the Middle East. These will be smuggled in so pray for the safety of our people. We have been asked to provide 11,000 more New Testaments this year. At $5 each that’s $55,000. Just something to pray about.

Jon Nelms

If you are able to help with the release funds, then please click here to go to our payment processor’s site ( or else go to our website and put ‘Teenage persecution’ in the ‘Other’ box.

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