Persecution of Teens and Young Adults


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Targeting Teenagers and Young Adults for Persecution:
You have an opportunity to help some young people imprisoned near Afghanistan. These are all Believers who have come to Christ in the past four years at the risk of their lives; and this is one of the most horrific but little known facets of persecution that you will ever hear of. Frankly, the persecutors have grown weary of just killing our Brothers and Sisters, so they began to develop various methods of torture. Still not content with that, they realized that they could actually profit from their deaths by selling their body parts.

There is a great market worldwide for kidneys, livers, hearts, etc. but in third world countries, the “product” is often received with little or no investigation of its origin. Neither the hospital nor the doctor or recipient is aware of the circumstances of the harvested body part.

Around the first of December one of our churches was raided and 39 people were captured, some adults but mostly youth. In the first several weeks three teenage girls died. One died during torture and two others were hanged publically. This brought the number down to 36.

As we began to negotiate with them over the following days, five more were killed leaving 31; this time it was for the harvesting of their body parts. We asked in light of this loss, for the captors to give us a show of good faith by releasing five young people, which they did. This brought the number of those in captivity down to 26 and then a day or so later another died. There were then 25 left of the original 36. These events now have taken us from the first week of December to the first week of January.

Those left all from range in age from 14 to 25. They were are originally taken to a prison to be held for sentencing. Their crime was practicing Christianity which is illegal and punishable by death in their land.  Two weeks ago we sent our representative inside the prison and he was able to meet with seven of them. Most courageously sent word to pray for them but not to pay to for them. “We are ready to die” was their statement. But one, a little fourteen year old girl, looked at our man and through her tears said, “Brother ____, please get me out of here.” As a result of his visit and face to face negotiations (at a great risk of his own life) the five mentioned in the preceding paragraph were released.

These young people have been arrested for the purpose of harvesting their organs. A kidney can bring in about $3,500 and other organs can top that. These kids, being young, non-smokers, non-drinkers, non-drug users (they are all devout Believers after all) made them a prime target for harvesting their body parts. And because they are Christians the government has a legal right to arrest and execute them.

Negotiations began with the captors demanding more than $38,000 to free only some of them. At that time we had  just $1,500 left as surplus from previous situations (George W.’s wife, daughter and three men). Since that time negotiations have continued until Wednesday night when the captors agreed to release the final 21 teenagers and young adults for a combined total of only $12,500. (Due to the results of the previous weeks of torture, another four have died leaving only 21). It is incredible to comprehend that for $600 we can save a life. Now I want you to know that there is nothing special about these captives. And by that I mean that they are no more special than any other young person. But they are ours and they are rare. These are kids who gave their lives to Christ expecting some day they would have to give their lives for Christ. Perhaps that day has come, and if so, then so be it. But as long as I have breath and friends to hear my burdens, I have to share their need with you.

You may not have funds to give but you do have breath to pray. Whatever you can do, please do today if possible. We have a two week window of opportunity before the sentencing in order to gain their release.

Since I first reported this some of the details were expanded. Another blessing is that as of yesterday we were told that if we will pay half in the next two weeks, they will release all of the captives and TRUST us for the balance within a month. With this goes the guarantee that none of these will be re-arrested by this government. This is not the first time we have secured early release because they trust us. As the scripture declares, a good name is better than gold. They may hate us and despise our faith, and they may want to exterminate us like roaches, but they know they can trust what we say. We are after all, Christians.

Already, a church in San Antonio TX has given $2,000 for this need so we are now only needing $10,500. We’ll keep you informed and updated.


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