Prayer Time: 40 Days of Prayer

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Each member adult and teen will want their own copy of PRAYER TIME: 40 Days of Outlined Devotions to fully participate. We will be selling them at church for the wholesale price of just $5. It’s so important that you have your own copy to write in that we would rather give you one, if you can’t afford to buy each adult and teen a copy in your family, than for you to share.

Each day, starting April 2nd, we will all be able to read the same devotion as each other on prayer. On your busy days you can read it in 5 minutes. On your more leisurely days you can actually study the devotion and corresponding verses for 30 minutes to an hour if you choose. On Sunday the corresponding chapter will be taught on in the service so you will want to bring your book with you. If you have to miss a service you won’t be left behind because you have your own book.

This will culminate in a time of decision and devotion as a church as we all seek the Lord together for 40 days of prayer. –Chris