Tim is Back from Honduras!


The Posey family: David, Rosa, Tim and Gabby.  Tim promoting our Bible Institute on a Christian
television program and answering Bible questions. 
Tim translating for one of the summer Visionary groups
Greetings to all …

Tim is back!

I met Tim more than a decade ago when he would frequently come to Honduras as an Evangelist, working with and training the local pastors and church members in evangelism and teaching in their Bible Institutes.  (All without personal support.) We immediately developed a strong friendship that has grown over the years. Later Tim, who happened to be an orphan from Mississippi, met and married an orphan girl from Honduras named Rosa. They have two children, David and Gabriella.

Not content to do small things for Christ, Tim began working unofficially and then officially with us, believing that together we could do greater things for God. After all scripture says, one will chase a thousand and two will chase ten thousand.

Tim was there when we started Touch A Life and was instrumental in its birth.

· Tim was there when we started training men at our Bible Institute and now runs the program and the administration.

· Tim was there when we started our television ministry and oversees the day to day operations and programming.

· And if that was not enough, he also serves as the President of Final Frontiers Honduras and has administrative control over our seven, Touch A Life  feeding centers.

· And did I fail to mention that Tim also oversees our Visionary Trips each summer, hosting  hundreds of visitors from the United States?

Some would say that Tim is my right arm but the truth is he is both arms, both legs and a good bit of the heart as well. Those of you who have visited us know just how much he loves the kids and how much they love him. He is truly indispensable. Frankly, when returning groups book a week to visit us in Honduras, the number one question they ask me is, “Will Tim be there?”. Everyone may “love Raymond” but they are crazy about Tim.

But Tim has a problem …

Tim has never gone on deputation to raise support for his family. They have lived on about a half of what most missionaries receive and do five times the work. That “half” has now shrunk by a third, and now Gabby, his daughter, has come to the States to finish her senior year in high school with a scholarship. The problem is, it’s not going well for my friend Tim. Churches have precious little funds now to give and most do not yet see the wisdom in supporting a proven, veteran missionary with an exceptional tract record over supporting a young man with no ministry experience overseas or at all. In time this wisdom will prevail but for now it is virtually unheard of. Thus Tim and his family are suffering. They have recently had to sell their belongings and move out of their house. They now live temporarily at our facilities and use the rent of their house to keep them financially afloat.

My purpose with this letter is to encourage pastors to have their church take Tim and his family on for support on a monthly basis. We do not have extra funds to pay him above the stipend he already receives but we cannot afford to have him up here for an extended period either. You see, if he doesn’t get the support he needs, he’ll go back anyway and suffer. Others would throw in the towel and say “God must not have called me”; but not Tim. He knows Who called him and what he was called to do. He just knows that he can do it better and more effectively if he can raise a little monthly support to help feed and provide for his family. Lately some churches have had him come but some have given him no love offering for his travel or any hope of support. I believe there are churches that help us who can do better than that for him.

I hope and I pray that many of you will support him. I guarantee you it will not be money wasted and it will be a great blessing to me and this ministry to know that Tim, though not wealthy is well provided for, so he can give his full attention to serving those he loves so much. He is eager for your support and will be here thru May giving you an opportunity to have him come to your church and let your people fall in love with him and his family; if that is what is necessary to support him.

I know it may seem strange that I am asking you to support an American missionary, but Tim is not the first. And one thing  is certain, while he is training others to do what he does, he is one of the few American missionaries that the national preachers will say emphatically, “We need him.”  Please help us return Tim to Honduras to continue his and our work by offering him support as a missionary representative of your church. And if that is not possible, a love offering would be a wonderful blessing to him as well.

Thank you so much for helping to bear this burden.

Jon Nelms

PS Just to give you an idea of Tim’s work; while I am up here running the ministry, Tim is temporarily in Honduras doing the ministry. Just last week he delivered a shipment of 1,980 lbs. of rice and 2,206 lbs. of sugar to the Tolupan Indians and is continuing the establishment of a Bible Institute for them. They are the last, unevangelized tribe in Honduras but with Tim’s involvement, they will soon all know the Gospel and they will hear it from the mouths of their own tribesmen whom Tim will be teaching in the Institute. Tim arrived back in the States yesterday and is eager to raise his support.
Any support you give is tax deductible and can be sent through our office, designated for Tim Posey’s support. You can give to him automatically through our payment process (egsnetwork.com) here, or through our own website.

Pastors may contact him for a meeting at TimPosey@finalfrontiers.org or call him on his temporary cell  at (601) 695-0426.

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