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As you know Pastor George’s wife was released. We have just spoken with the family and the captives. (3:30 Eastern Time) Now a quick update …

The Family

George and his wife are suffering without their daughter. They can only imagine her fear and torture. The men had been using this precious child as a sex slave to satisfy their demonic, lustful nature. George and his wife are emotionally broken and we fear for the wife’s mental health. Frankly she is near to mental collapse. Pray for them please.

The Daughter

We were allowed two minutes on the phone with her. Through her weeping she begged us not to leave her alone. We assured her we will not. The captors, we verified, have stopped the beatings and rape. She fears we will not raise the necessary funds and she will spend her short life as a sex slave to Al Qaeda. We assured her that we will not let that happen but she is still living in fear and doubt. Pray for her peace and safety.

The Three Men

We were also able to have two minutes with them as well. The one who was allowed to speak said this.

“Forget about us, we are not worth the price you will pay for us but do not let (the girl) be abandoned. We know what kind of men these are and what they will do to her. Forget us and save her.”

We told them that we would not leave any of them behind and that this Friday they will all be home and safe with their families.

The Conclusion

At this moment, of the $60,000 needed, we are still short about $6,000. If you can help please do. And if you are going to help, please send us an email to inform us so we can be prepared to send your funds immediately. The funds must be there by Friday at the stroke of midnight or the remaining four will be exploded publicly with bomb belts. As you can imagine it will take us several days to get the funds delivered. We need to know quickly if you are going to help and with what amount.

If we had someone else to call on we would. We are praying to God and expecting Him to deliver His relief through you.

Jon Nelms


To give please click here (using our payment processors website) or from our website here, selecting ‘Middle East Release’. You can also mail a check and put on the memo ‘Middle East Release’ but please email us to let us know it is on its way by emailing michael@finalfrontiers.org.


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