Latest News on Tina Manuel

Tina has decided she wants to go home to be with family because she “doesn’t want to die in the hospital.” Please pray for her and her family. It just seems by God’s grace they have gone from heartache to heartache.

Please pray for BJ Smith

As BJ continues her battle with cancer, she has been admitted to Sentara Princess Anne hospital with an enlarged heart, fluid and infection in lungs, and angina .

Please continue to pray for Tina Manuel

Tina is stable in ICU but seems to have a plethora of problems; too difficult for me to try to convey. She is on a breathing and a feeding tube, and can communicate by writing. She had, what seemed to me, a strange request. Her grand kids painted her toenails so she asked others to […]

John Dykema’s mother passed away

John, our deacon chairman, has been irreplaceable (humanly speaking) in the last year in handling the sale of our property and leading us through a difficult time. He has been their for us while we were all busy doing other things. That’s why it didn’t seem so difficult to so many; much of the load […]

Tina Manuel has lung cancer

After all that Tina (and her family) have been through, the doctors have finally concluded that she has lung cancer. Please pray for her and her family. She is still in Norfolk General’s Heart Hospital.

Tina in the Hospital for at least until next week

Pastor’s Chris and Scott visited with Tina today at Norfolk General. Since she inexplicably still has pneumonia the doctors attempted a lung biopsy. However her oxygen levels were too low. They are going to try again on Monday. On a brighter note Rosie Harter is home where she will be doing her physical therapy as […]

Tina Manuel still in Hospital

Sadly, Tina has caught a staff infection in the hospital so please continue to pray for her.

Rosie Harter is in the Hospital

Rosie has apparently had two strokes during her recent difficult days. She is in Obici Hospital in Suffolk undergoing further tests and treatment. This seems to explain her recent headaches, loss of vision and now her inability to walk. Please remember her and her husband Richard in prayer.

Rosie Harter update

PLEASE REMEMBER: Rosie made her third trip to the emergency last night; more pain and vision getting even worse. They gave her meds and she got some rest. She is now waiting on a neurologist to call for an appt. as well as an eye doctor. Also, Richard, her husband, has not been able to […]

Please pray for Rosie Harter

Rosie has had a headache for a couple of weeks now. She’s in a lot of pain and can barely see. They continue to give her pain medication as she waits to see a neurologist. Tina continues to do well in the hospital as they treat her pneumonia and blood flow issues.