More is NOT Better (4)

4. It strips us of the power to defeat Satan. When Jesus battled Satan, prayer and the bible were enough. When He faced him He responded each time with “it is written.” Satan attacked our Lord with the “lust of the flesh” using bread, and Jesus resisted with the power of the word. He attacked […]

More is NOT Better (3)

3. It destroys our defenses. Remember, Satan wants to be God (Is. 14:12-14) and when he works he “is transformed into an angel of light.” (II Cor. 11:14). As well, “he is a liar.” (John 8:44) So he’s an angel of light telling lies. Is it possible that he would have the audacity in the […]

More is NOT Better (2)

2. It removes the power and influence from God’s word. Matthew 15 is one of a number of discussions that Jesus had with his enemies, the Pharisees. He says in verse 6, “ye made the commandment of God of none effect by your tradition.” In verse 9 he quotes Isaiah to describe them, “in vain […]

More is NOT Better (1)

1. It takes away from God’s word. By adding we are actually taking away. The bible is perfectly balanced and consistent. When we add to it we are throwing it out of balance in ways we cannot imagine and we don’t realize the unintended effects of what we are doing. Eve was the first person […]


Introduction From my little “corner” of the world I see a great and growing problem. Christians almost unanimously agree regarding the dangers of taking away from God’s word. But many people regularly add to it. Often sincere people do this; but it is sincerely wrong. I’ve heard some very compelling arguments against taking away from […]