Christmas Bibles For Muslims- Final Frontier

Merry Christmas!

With all the spending you’ll do this year, how much will you spend on ribbons and bows? The one pictured cost $5 at a well known, big box store. A frugal shopper can find a bag of 100 for $17 if they search long enough. But of course that doesn’t include the shipping. Now you can give a copy of God’s Word to someone who has never held one, never seen one – and doesn’t know anyone who has. And what does such a priceless gift cost you?
Click here to give one or more Muslims their very own Bible to read (or mail in a donation and designate it for ‘Smugglers’).
You buy it, we’ll print it and our Brothers there will deliver it, even at the risk of their lives. Every day 16,000 Muslims are coming to Christ; that’s six million a year. This Christmas give just one of them the Light they need to illuminate their path to Him.

Can you think of any gift that would honor Him more on His birthday?
Jon Nelms

President/Founder, Final Frontiers Foundation