Day 11 (teaching)


We last noted that the final requirement given by John for genuine Lordship was AN EXPRESSION of the LOVE. These requirements are expressed in the first eight verses of this chapter and the key word was “spirit.” However this final point is expanded upon greatly all the way to the end of the chapter and the word “love” is used 23 times in these 15 verses which makes it the second key word in this portion of John’s letter.

If you are familiar with Paul’s first letter to the Corinthian church this can be seen as John’s I Corinthians 13.

In verses 7-8 we find this love is INHERITED. In the family of God love is hereditary. As with earthly families you can see common features, in God’s that feature is love. Jesus even boldly proclaimed in John 13:35, By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.

In verses 9-11 we find this love is INSPIRING. God’s love is more than an example or pattern. Even after being a disciple for almost 3 decades, the fact that God became a man then gave his life for mine inspires me to this very hour.

In verses 12-16 we find this love is INTERNAL. In these 5 verses the word “dwelleth” is used 5 times and the word “in” is used 9 times. This is because God’s Spirit and His love actually live inside of genuine disciples.

In verse 15 he addresses the Gnostics again by stating that if any of these church members confesses that Jesus is actually God, God is in him and he is in God.

In verses 17-18 we find this love is INFLUENTIAL. One day believers will stand before God and discover that the greatest influence on their lives was God’s love. Love leads us to treat each other right and therefore removes all fear in facing the Lord.

In verse 19 we find that this love is INITIATED. It clearly states, We love him, because he first loved us.”

Finally in verses 20-21 we find this love is INDISPENSABLE. Simply put, if the LOVE is missing the LORDSHIP is missing.

I absolutely thrive on learning. It almost seems necessary to my survival. But I’ve found that the one thing I actually cannot live without is LOVE; being loved and having people to love.