Day 14 (teaching)


The second area proclaimed by John as proof of Genuine Stewardship is:

2. HOW WE WITNESS (verses 6-12)

The key words in this portion are: “witness”, found 6 times; “record,” found 3 times; and “testified” found 1 time. The synonymy of these words clearly reveals the connection of these verses.

Notice in verse 6 the historical testimony.

When Jesus came up out of the “water” at his baptism the Spirit descended on him and the Father said, “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.”

When Jesus shed his “blood” at Calvary there were at least three supernatural events: 3 hours of darkness at mid-day; the rip proof veil of the temple torn in half; and an earthquake. All revealing that he was God even while on the cross.

Finally, the “Spirit” bore witness of his divinity through his miraculous life.

Notice in verse 7 the heavenly testimony. Here the trinity is revealed and a quick look at its power and purpose can be edifying.

In scripture we find the “Father” in opposition to the world, the “Word” (Jesus) defeating Satan, and the “Holy Ghost” conquering the flesh.

Notice in verse 8 the human testimony.

The “Spirit” working in our lives gives us a valid testimony. Being baptized in “water” is a record of our commitment to a new life. And being able to live out a forgiven, guiltless life because of Jesus’ shed “blood” is a witness to those around us.

Notice in verse 9 the holy truth. Everyday we receive the “witness of men” from doctors, lawyers, reporters, politicians, etc. Therefore believing God should not be hard.

Finally notice in verses 10-12 the hard truth. In these verses we find the reception of truth and the rejection of truth. Simply put, a person either trusts Jesus as their God or they are calling God a liar and will miss out on eternal life.