Day 15 (teaching)


The final area given as proof of Genuine Stewardship is:

3. HOW WE WIN (verses 13-21)

John learned from Jesus first-hand that there was a wrong way to succeed when he asked Jesus to call down fire on some unbelievers. Paul made it clear when he wrote to the church at Ephesus; we wrestle not with flesh and blood.

As stewards of the Lord we are given the tools to win and John teaches us how.

Verse 13By Living

Eternal life is to have a relationship with Jesus. Live out that relationship. Continue in it. Go through the misunderstandings and difficulties that a relationship brings. Endure difficulties by focusing on you love for God.

Verse 14-17By Praying

The better you know a person, the more you know their heart on certain matters. John is telling us to ask God for those things that we know he wants us to have. (14-15)

We are then encouraged to pray for one another. However, these churches have seen a lot of people come and go that did not have the works of a true believer. Their sin is therefore “unto death;” meaning that they need more than forgiveness of a single sin. They need more than our forgiveness. (16-17)

Verses 18-20By Knowing

…that we have God and God has us. (18)

…that we have victory and victory has us. (19)

…that we have Jesus and Jesus has us. (20)

Verse 21By Watching

“Keep” means to be on guard or to watch. Remember John is writing to those who at least claim to be Christian. So why worry about idolatry? It is because temporary discouragement comes when we put our faith in things other than God. Such as our career, job, money, friends, rules, traditions, human philosophies, wealth, talents, methods, plans, etc.

The final warning matches the lesson of the entire letter: True Christianity is truly all about Christ.

Until next time,

Chris Brown