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Recently it seems that everyone, everywhere is telling me about the stories they have seen in the news regarding the crucifixions, beheadings, etc. of people in the Middle East; including small children and babies. I have been writing to you about all this (and much more, such as cannibalism) for years. I know that some have not believed me. They think I have made up the numbers or the tortures. I suppose their “reasonable” doubts (regarding my honesty) diminishes their shame for not responding to the needs of their Brothers and Sisters. But there should not necessarily be shame for not helping; after all, we cannot all give for every need. Shame should only come if God has touched your heart to help and you ignored His touch.
Why I am writing you today.

Last Thursday we had two men captured in northern Syria. Though we are continually targeted by ISIS, these men were captured by a rebel group that is not aligned with them. Once contact was made, their leader immediately demanded $165,000 for the release of the two men. We rejected their demand and waited for further contact. Yesterday they responded by beheading one of them and discarding his body. He had been badly beaten and his body was covered with bruises and torn flesh. His head had been cruelly removed and placed on his body in such a way to bring shame to him and his family.
These two men are not pastors; they both serve in an assistant capacity as they finish their training. The one who was murdered was 43 years old. He was survived by his wife and several small children. The other, still alive and being tortured, is 54 and has a wife and two teenage sons.
What do we need to help them?
  1. We need $1500 for burial – immediately.
  2. We quickly relocated both the families as soon as the fathers were captured. The families are safe and in hiding but they still need food, water, clothing, etc.; not to mention prayer and mental comfort.
  3. We pray for a minimal sum to be required to release the second man and we will need the funds to pay it. (I’ll keep you informed about this.)


The current situation.

The fanatics target anyone who is not “with them” but to capture a preacher or his family is a feather in their cap. These two men were won to Christ several years ago, knowing that professing Christ could lead to their death. They have given their lives to prepare for the ministry and were on the verge of becoming pastors. Years of training have now been nullified and we will have to start over with other men. (We have so many who are training and serving but with absolutely no support for their needs or the expense of training them. We have and will press on with or without financial help.)
When we were presented the demand for $165,000 we rejected it, knowing what the result would likely be. Do not think that we are insensitive. We have never been able to save them all and we realize that the responsibility for their freedom and very lives lay upon our shoulders. It is a heavy weight to decide who will be freed and who will not be. Constantly decisions have to be made as to “who will go home to their families” and “who will go HOME to their Father”. We daily seek God’s help and rely on the wisdom, logic and experience that He has provided for us in making what we pray and hope is the right decisions regarding when and how to act. This was simply one of those times when we were impotent to save our men – our friends – and so we have lost them. But we are not impotent to provide for their families – not if you will help us.
We have lost nearly 2,000 preachers, assistants and church members throughout the Middle East in the last three years but we have saved hundreds of others. It is costly. To avoid capture some of our men and their families have to be moved twice a month. Others have to be moved daily. The leaders are moved several times a day. All this takes prayer, funds and strategy in order to stay one or two steps ahead of the enemy. In some cases, we have moved entire churches of people, sometimes literally minutes before the enemy arrived to kill and capture them. God has blessed us immensely. The miracles are legion.
The one thing that strengthens our people is their belief and knowledge that if/when they are captured:
  • we will do whatever we can to rescue them
  • if and when all is lost, they can endure their persecution and perish knowing that we WILL care for their families after they have been martyred.
And so …
Now is the time for us to step up and do just that; but to do so we need your financial assistance (Click here to help). I hope you will help us so that we do not fail them and dishonor their sacrifice.
May God’s enemies live in shame for what they do and not his sons for what they do not do.
Jon Nelms

President/Founder, Final Frontiers Foundation

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